Karolos Katopodis


As a person I will keep learning to evolve through life to be a better person and trainer, listening and observing has always helped on my jouney. Over 15 years of coaching in the world of fintess I have come to love watching people achive goals and over come fears. CKC will always be my home and family.


Xristos Logothetis

Also called “Frank the Fixer” our local handyman that can fix pretty much anything he gets his hands on,
one of the first workouts as an athlete was Karen that is 150 wall ball shot the after effect of this
workout got him hooked. He progressed fast thought he movements and started giving tips to others.
His potential as a coach shined before getting certified, he has being working along side us for years now
and still continues to bring a good attitude and mental game to the classes.

Dimitris Kopsidas

Dimitris joined our team last year he has shown great commitment is specialization is boxing bringing a
contact and fitness sport to our classes. Coming from a the University of Komotini and the Personal
Trainer of strength and conditioning coach by ACE (American Council of Exercise) he has brought a new
flare and tempo to our athletes.

Athanasia Mparka


Athanasia joined our team this year