Kids Gymnastics

Our kid’s gymnastic classes start from ages 8 to 14, by developing their flexibility, bone health, strength, build personal discipline, balance, coordination, encourage focus and share your love for gymnastics & health.
Kinds classes are split in to two groups the under 10s and over 10s as it is a good split age for skill level.
The under 10s start by developing awareness and focusing the skills to learn their body and mechanics in a fun environment mainly consisted of games. The fitness factor comes latter on as they need to become stronger before moving on to latter levels of gymnastics.
Our over 10s have the privilege to start at a high skill and fitness level because of development, they to start with s games and fun activities that hone in the skills needed to develop their bodies further. We keep our sessions fun and relaxed as we are not looking to over pressure our youth if there are not fixated on a specific goal.